Meet Olufemi Ajani

Olufemi Ajani is a man that loves God. He is a minister of the Gospel and as well as an apostle in the market place. He is the Lead minister of House of refuge Intl, a young and growing Church being pastored by himself and his wife in the city of Ibadan. He is also the CEO of Leadership Development Centre (LDC), an outfit for raising and developing leaders and entrepreneurs to alleviate the problem of unemployment. He is an ICT professional for over a decade and retired voluntarily from banking after 12years of a successful IT career. He speaks regularly in workshops and conferences on Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Olufemi Ajani is a multi-talented person. He sings, he is a pastor, a writer and an author, he plays instruments and he has a good sense of humour. He lives in Ibadan and is married to Oluwatoyin, a nursing officer and they are blessed with three girls.


Leadership Development

Leadership Development Centre (LDC) is an outfit for raising, developing and equipping…


We engage singles and couples in relationship matters. My wife and I…

Youth Empowerment

I am a strong advocate of vocational and skill acquisition programs because…

Developing Ministries

Some of us have been given special ability as apostles; to others…

Community Service

I am passionate to see a changed society. people are the best…

Market Place

I voluntary retired from Banking after 12 years of successful IT Career.…

Molete Water Project

June 16th, 2017 remained a remarkable day in history in Molete community. It was a day to celebrate the day Olufemi Ajani added another year to his years and the grand commissioning of Molete Water Project sponsored by Covering Eagle Foundation under the President, Daniel Adebayo Omonira ¬†and commissioned by God’s servant, Rev Samson Ajetomobi, the President of Men of Issachar Vision INC, Ibadan. The event was witnessed by the members of the community, the landlords Association of Molete community, the entire members of the Church, House of Refuge Intl, the media crew and the well wishers.


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