Welcome to Information & Entrepreneurship Academy.

This platform is set up purposely to address the problem of Unemployment in the country through Entrepreneurship. Most self made millionaires and billionaires across the world are entrepreneurs who problems and proffer solutions and through that became renown in theirĀ  area of specialization.

It is believed if more people are empowered and trained to become job creators, the problem of unemployment would be alleviated to a barest minimum.

Our focus is on 3 categories of people:

1. Those who are still in school so as to see the future ahead and plan their way into it. Beyond getting a certificate, students should be trained howto solve problem and make a living for themselves.
2. The unemployed people (Graduates etc). Those in this category need to see how they can create a future in the midst of the present situation which has to do with discovery and identifying their potentials.
3. Those who are stuck in paid jobs, who are sick and tired of routines and desiring a True Freedom. There is need to prepare for life after paid job or against any eventualities of losing jobs.

The present situation in the country calls for a serious attention by everyone. Poeple are losing their jobs everyday, through that some people could not bear the shock, get a breakdown and render their husbands/wives and children fatherless or motherless.

We cannot fold our arms and keep watching seeing people loosing their health and lives. The unfavourable economy in the country as well is another factor affecting several companies to retrench their staff.

Technology is another major factor affecting job loses. Many processes now are being automated and thereby reducing man power.

Friends, the best time to move into action is now to save the present and the generation next from untold hardship, poverty and joblessness.

Get involved with Information and Entrepreneurship Academy and let us create the future for everyone.

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