Molete Transformation Project (MTP)

GREAT MOLETE TRANSFORMATION (GMT)……. Creating a better future for All!


Ever since the ministry, Life impact Ministries, Nigeria relocated to Molete Community in 2014, we have identified major challenges confronting the people in that community. Going through the history, Molete has been a place known for violence, drugs, alcoholism and a strong political base in the city of Ibadan. Young men are raised up to serve as instrument of violence during political campaigns and this has turned the place into a den of hard drugs. The present administration in the state has curbed many political excesses and violence and thereby rendering hundreds of these men jobless. There are hundreds of young people in the area that unemployed and are so engrossed in hard drugs and alcohol.

Thanks to the present oyo state administration for sanitizing the area but I want to tell you, the people of that community especially the youth are not still changed, it will be a costly assumption to think that everything is ok, we still have several thousands of youth rendered homeless and jobless around the area waiting for conducive atmosphere to operate. Our mission is to capture these individuals and engage them positively and use them for the development of the city and not for destruction of lives and properties which has always been the major operation. This is the main vision behind Great Molete Transfromation (GMT) which is a project under Life Impact Initiative Nigeria (LII, Nigeria) headed by Olufemi Ajani

GMT is geared towards helping the drug dependent people, that have been used, dumped and have been separated from families due to their present condition and unemployed individuals create a future. Many of these young men are dropouts while some actually finished school with National Diploma Certificates and some with university degrees.

There are 5 Phases to this Great Molete Transformation (GMT).

  1. Skill Acquisition Project & Capcity Development
  2. Housing Scheme (Hope Centre)
  3. Rehabilitation Programs
  4. Water Project
  5. School Debate/Talent Haunt
  6. Daycare/Childcare Centre


This is a platform to provide skill acquisition programs for school leavers, unemployed youth, house wives, petty traders in that area. In molete community one of the fast selling business is Indian help, alcohol and other hards drugs which is having a serious effect on the customers who are majorly drivers (commercial buses, Okada riders and taxi drivers), young men both employed and unemployed. Empowering the men with information and relevant skills, will improve the quality of life of the people in the environment. The project is organized under and facilitated by School of Information Technology and Enterpreneurship (SITE). There are various skill acquisition programs that have been listed

  • Beads & Wire Works
  • Cakes & Pastries
  • Graphics
  • Computer Engineering
  • Livestock and Crop Farming (Fish, Pawpaw)
  • Generator Repairs
  • Photography
  • Musical Instrument
  • Fashion Designing
  • Body Make ups etc
  • Video Recording /Editing


Self-Empowerment makes people responsible to take care of the basic needs. That is the major aim of the skill acquisition Project. The expectation is after acquiring the skills, they can provides services to people within and outside the community with proper supervision and mentoring.  Quite a number of these people are homeless, some have been rejected by their parents, and some decide not to go home again. Therefore, there is need to develop a strategy to keep them off the streets by providing accommodation for them. Through my interaction with some of them, they are homeless, they sleep anywhere and this does not allow them to see themselves as normal human beings, we plan to start a small housing scheme where we lodge them and take care of their feeding and clothing until they can take care of themselves. This is going to be capital intensive, but we would solely depend on the donation of friends and partners to achieve this feat.


The Rehab program will go hand in hand with the housing program, we shall have people to work on them as we accommodate them, so that we can integrate them back to the society and make them responsible gentlemen and ladies. Services of medical personnel, psychologist and counselors would be engaged for this service and more importantly spiritual services. Every other thing done to them can change them outwardly, it is the living word of God that can bring a permanent transformation to their lives. The Rehab program is very important in this project. We plan to organize Adult Literacy class for those who never went to school to know how to read and write and other plans as we move on.


Another major problem in the area is Water. People in this environment wake up as early as 4.00am in search of water. The community dwellers both young and old trek long distances every morning in search of water.  There is always long queue everywhere just to get water for domestic use. I want to believe, when essential amenities are in place, peoples’ way of lives will be improved. It is time we begin to value people and ourselves and come to the rescue of the masses in the society. Government has failed the people in this regard and we would not continue to wait for Government’s intervention. We want people in this community to have access to basic social amenities. We are calling upon individuals and cooperate bodies to rise up and help us for this project to provide potable water for the people in this environment so as to reduce the problem of water. The Groundwater Geophysical survey of the area has been done and the estimated cost is between N500,000 and N1,000,000 for both the drilling and other installations Overhead tanks, Concrete works. We solicit the help of private and corporate organizations in cash and in kind to help this vision come through.


We have identified the private and secondary schools around Molete and environs and we have put together an educative program to bring them together to select best students in debate, Talent Haunt, Games and other activities. This is to engage them positively in a productive manner on what can make them relevant and responsible in the future. Added to that is a one day Leadership Capacity Development Seminar, we aim at gathering at least 500 students together in Hall to expose them to how they can become good leaders in our society and also polish their skills for the betterment of the society.


This is a program designed to catch them young. It is meant for children from age 2 -5. It will be highly subsidized so that it could be affordable for all and at the same time provide quality health care and educational services that are excellent with high standards.


Having shared intensively our vision as regards Great Molete Transformation (GMT), we call on individuals and cooperate bodies to help us achieve this vision meant to make the city an abode of peace and to engage positively men and women that have been written off by the society, members of their families and friends.

You can contact us through mail, Olufemi.ajani or or Call 08186964317 & 08104383813.


God Bless you.

Olufemi Ajani

CEO, Life-Impact Initiative Nigeria.

Leadership Development Centre (LDC),

Opp Nicon House, Molete,