My Advice to Couples

There is a serious attack against families in these days and seasons, as couples, we need to be fully aware and be fully armed as well against every manipulation of the enemy.

God created families to establish his counsel on the earth and the issue of family is very important to God.

I must confess that indeed God has helped us in this 16years of a life-long journey in marriage, it has been fun, challenging and interesting. I have a few tips to share just to encourage as many who may not be finding it easy in their marriages.

Put God First: Marriage can not work without following the due process by the originator. Can you operate your electronics at home effectively without scanning through the manufacturer’s manual, even new models have additional features which you have to check with the manual, marriage won’t succeed with God. How can someone who does not love God love his spouse? It must begin with God….. Thou shall love thy God with all your heart and then loving others becomes very easy.

You have to make your marriage work! Don’t go into marriage with a plan B. If you have one drop it. People break up easily today for an alternative they keep somewhere, it may even be for several years.

Stay through to your words and your vows. When it comes to words, I am so careful and sensitive. The vow I made was till death do us apart and I have to stay through to it. Don’t break that bond, storms, and situation will come to make break those vows, your marriage will work, don’t pack it up.

Close up the gap. We draw unusual and unnecessary attention of friends, families, and inlaws into a matter that is meant to be solved by two and they make it complex by bringing their own sides of the stories. I love my mum and siblings (my Dad has gone to rest), but there are certain things I won’t share about my wife. Precious things are kept so also the interest of your spouse. Many hedges have been broken in our marriages and many serpents too have crept in, close up the gaps, the serpents will die.

Your Marriage is an Investment
I wonder how we preserve our money, our shares and investments in banks and other places and we take our relationship and marriage with levity. Some of us are waiting for the death of our spouse so we can be free, some will even confess “my spouse is my greatest mistake in life”, pick up the broken fragments and accept your spouse again, and watch how the tree will bear fruits again.
Do you know you that we shall give an account of the investment to God, we’d better be wise with God’s investment.

Family Values are so important
Don’t put anything in this world about your family, money, work, career, ambition… etc. Be ready to sacrifice anything to make your marriage work, fight the situation and battles of life together, remember 1 shall chase a thousand, 2 shall chase ten thousand. Battles are won with you, your spouse and God, 3 fold cords can not be easily broken.

Bring Humour to your Home
If you want to see my best, come to my house. No comedian can beat me at home, I play a lot with my wife, I touch her often and we catch fun most times together, all these activities keep the relationship fresh. You can be lively at work with your boss or colleagues and be moody at home. Too much tension in many homes, haba! apply lubricant to ease all the tension. Walk around, pray together, hold hands, hug yourselves frequently, pour all your love on your spouse. Create an atmosphere of love and liberty around your home. Make your home the best place to be.

Commander in Chief and Major Generals in the Home.
That is the title for some men at home. Everyone must serve them once they come around right from the gate, they don’t serve anyone. They create unnecessary attention to themselves to prove that they are the breadwinner. Drop all the titles and be your self at home. Serve the family and lead by example. Humility is not a sign of stupidity but of strength.

We shall be sharing more profound tips and principles to rekindle our love and create that romantic atmosphere around your home, the clubhouses wont be your comfort zones anymore.

You can make your comment by writing me back and if you need a piece of advice, prayers, and counseling, kindly get in touch.

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For the Love of God and families.

Remain blessed.


Olufemi Ajani.


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