The Journey

My case is that of Moses with so many disabilities that God turned around to become mighty tools of deliverance for many. My call to ministry was very dramatic because I doubted myself severally and I never believed God could call a man like that. I started a church work in 2011, the name of the Church is House of refuge Intl. The revelation was so clear but I doubted it severally. Several men of God also confirmed the call of God but the will of the Lord prevailed at God’s appointed time.

House of Refuge is just like a mustard seed (the smallest of all) that is meant to serve as cover for all nations in few years to come. The journey is not so straight but God has always been faithful. The ministry, God’s End-time Battle Axe Ministries (GEBAM) started in my room in 1999 with few friends around without noise and we kept doing the work at God’s pace. The first major achievement was the printing of a quarterly bulletin called “Shepherd’s Voice” which was circulated for free and the vision was growing from there. In 2004, the ministry took another dimension when God brought the right woman into my life. Oluwatoyin was a treasured gift that has been of a tremendous help and blessing to the kingdom through her God-given initiatives and her profession as a nursing officer.  Same year we started “Young Ministers Banquet” which was the gathering of young and passionate upcoming ministers. The gathering was aimed at providing a platform where we could share, pray together and share our visions. Couples’ Fellowship was added to it in 2005 with about 7 families in attendance. Passion for the Nation was introduced the same year. It is a Praise/Intercession programme for our nation Nigeria. There were so many challenges, discouragement on the way but God kept us on.

The urge for the church came in 2001 after I finished my NYSC but God instructed me to put myself under tutelage and earn experience before launching out, and God directed me to serve under a respected minister of God (Pastor Francis Madojemu of RCCG, Jesus Embassy) for 3 three years where I discovered what I learnt secretly how to run ministry with excellence. God reminded me again in 2007 but I was finding it hard to start. Every attempt to neglect His word was meeting with frustration and there is a vacuum within us that we are not where God has purposed us to be.

When the time was right, God got our attention about four years later, 2011 when we finally yielded to His will and started the church in our own little way.

Launching out was not very easy for us thinking of so many things which were like excuses that Moses gave, but we launched out based on the Word we received and the experience has been wonderful.

The changed lives are the testimonies that we have. God has raised us up for such a time as these to challenge the status quo and to follow the precept of the Bible as a city that is set on the hill which cannot be hidden. We are like a mustard seed planted which will serve as an umbrella for nations of the world in few years to come.

House of Refuge is a home for all men where no one can claim ownership except God, it is a place you will love to be.